Elegant engineering for superior temperature control

The GB5 has redefined the standard for temperature stability in modern espresso equipment.
A dynamic preheater assembly ensures that water entering the coffee boiler is at precisely 170 degrees. 170-degree water replaces the hot water exiting the group, reducing temperature swings in the coffee boiler. An algorithm-based PID temperature controller further reduces temperature fluctuation in the coffee boiler. A group cap designed by Piero Bambi and an integrated ruby flow restrictor reduces channeling and ensures that water never leaves the saturated area of the coffee boiler; this eliminates the introduction of temperature instability during the brewing process.

Broad Color Range

All colors are available based on the RAL color system. Here are some of the most popular.

General Documents

GB5 Installation Guide
GB5 Installation Template
Parts Catalog

Preventative Maintenance

GB5 3 Month
GB5 6 Month
GB5 9 Month
GB5 1 Year


Clean Auto Fill Probe:
Rebuild Steam Valves:
Rebuild MP Valve:
Inspect Water Inlet Valve:
Replace Group Gaskets/Diffuser Screens/Portafilter Baskets:
Inspect Vacuum Breaker:
Inspect Drain System for Leaks and Clogs:
Inspect and Clean Steam Boiler Temp Probe:
Test Flowmeter’s Ohm Value:
Check Brew Temp and Flowrate:
Check All Switches for Proper Operation:
Check Shot Volume:
Inspect Group Valve Plungers:
Check that Brew Pressure is at 9 Bar:
Check/Note Water Hardness:
Replace Overpressure Valve: